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Superannuation Warehouse is committed to empowering you to self manage your Super with SMSF setup and low monthly fees. This cost-effective approach
allows you to take control of your own Superannuation, even if you have a low Super balance.
We give you the tools to DIY your SMSF. Our normal service is SMSF set-up, accounting, tax and audit. We also provide a lot of free information and templates for you to download. From this website you can download Trustee Minutes, Trust Deeds, Financial Statement, Investment Strategies and more. If you can’t find the SMSF information you need, please email us.
If you’re contemplating setting up an SMSF, you’ve come to the right place. We do the entire set up, the accounting, the tax, the audit and provide support for all things SMSF. The website is filled with rich content related to SMSF, ATO guidelines, templates and the steps you should take to make your SMSF a success.
The ATO publish a number of useful and informative booklets that we recommend you read before setting up your SMSF. Click here to access them.
Superannuation Warehouse puts you firmly in control of your own Super. You can use your SMSF to increase your financial security by buying SMSF investment property, investing in shares or managed funds of your choice; or even investing in bank term deposits.

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Misleading statement about the free SMSF setup


  • On 30 October 2015, the Federal Court of Australia found and declared that statements on our website offering “Free SMSF Setup” were
    false, misleading and deceptive because in fact we required an applicant to also authorise us to act as administrator of the SMSF, for which there is a fixed monthly fee. This was not clearly and prominently disclosed.
  • A copy of the Court’s judgment and orders is available here.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please contact Hein Preller.


What was the advertisement?


Between 22 January 2014 and 8 May 2015 we made statements offering “Free SMSF Setup” on the homepages of our websites:


Why was it false, misleading and deceptive?


In a court proceeding brought by ASIC the Federal Court found that the statements on our websites offering “Free SMSF Setup” was false, misleading and deceptive because it represented that we would set up an SMSF with an individual as trustee as no cost. In fact, the free SMSF setup service required an applicant to:


  • authorise SWA to act as administrator of the SMSF; and
  • as a result of that appointment, agree to pay SAW’s monthly administration fees.

In addition, between 22 January 2014 and 5 August 2014 applications for SMSF set up with a corporate trustee required a payment of $950 to be made to us, without this fact being clearly and prominently stated on the websites where we advertised “Free SMSF Setup”.


Does this affect me?


You may have relied on these statements in deciding to apply to set up your SMSF with us. If you have any queries or complaints regarding an application to set up an SMSF or any other aspect of SWA’s service to you in relation to your SMSF, please contact Hein Preller on this page.

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