What is a trust deed

Written by Hein Preller , Posted in SMSF Guidance

A trust deed is a document setting out the main rules for the SMSF. The ATO is the regulator of SMSF’s and set out the minimum criteria a trust deed should address, e.g. the Fund’s objectives, who the trustees and members are and when benefits can be paid.

There are many deed providers selling SMSF trust deeds or you can download a deed from our website. This is a free download. The deed we have is written in such a way that it does not need amendmend every time there’s a legislative change. Our deed has been signed off by lawyers and is tailored for each SMSF we administer.

Going along with the trust deed is the investment strategy. This is a more detailed level document of what the SMSF can invest in. This can also be downloaded from this website.

Hein Preller

Hein is a Director at Superannuation Warehouse, specializing in setting up new SMSF's. Hein's company performs all the annual administration tasks consisting of preparing financial statements, lodging a tax return and arranging the audit.

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