Add a new Member to the SMSF

Trustees in an SMSF can add a new Member to the SMSF.

The steps to add a Member to the SMSF are as follows:

1. Minute the Trustee decision to add the Member. Download a Minute template here

2. The new Member needs to sign an application to be a Member, see a sample here

3. The ATO needs to be notified of the new Member. Superannuation Warehouse is a Tax Agent and will perform this function for you Fund (we do not charge a fee for this). Click here to contact us. The info we will need to add in the new Member are as follows:

First Name (as per ATO records):
Middle Name:
Tax File Number:
Date of Birth:

If Trustees instruct Superannuation Warehouse to update the Member details with the Tax Office, we will send you the minutes and application forms as explained above. You just need to send us the new Member’s personal details, as indicated in the point above. We charge a fee of $350 to update the Member details including updating the Trust Deed to reflect the new Member. For more information on our fee, please see the fee schedule page.

Nil Balance Members

In an SMSF, added members can have a nil-balance if they have a realistic intention to contribute to the Fund later on. While the limits on fulfilling this intention are broad, it  could be put into doubt if the Members have many years without any balance or there are multiple members with no balance.


Note each Member must be a Trustee as well.  There can be a maximum of 4 Members in the SMSF.

For some more booklets and information brochures on Trustee responsibilities and Member requirements, click here.

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