Add a new Member to the SMSF

Trustees in a SMSF can add a new member to the SMSF.

The steps to add the Member to the SMSF are as follows:

1. Minute the Trustee decision to add the member. Download a Minute template here

2. The new Member needs to sign an application to be a Member, see a sample here

3. The ATO needs to be notified of the new Member. Superannuation Warehouse is a Tax Agent and will perform this function for you fund (we do not charge a fee for this). Click here to contact us. The info we will need to add in the new member are as follows:

First Name (as per ATO records):
Middle Name:
Tax File Number:
Date of Birth:

Superannuation Warehouse will send you the minutes and application is point 1 and 2 above. To add the new member, just send us the details in point 3.



Note each Member must be a Trustee as well.  There can be a maximum of 4 members in the SMSF.

For some more booklets and information brochures on Trustee responsibilites and Member requirements, click here.

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