Bare Trust Details

A Bare Trust is only set up if you need to take out a loan (from the bank or you can act as the bank for the SMSF). The bare trust will only be set up once you have identified the property the SMSF will purchase.

To set up a bare trust is a quick process and we can have this set up in a few hours. The Bere Trust makes specific references to the property, and you will need to supply us with the following information before we can set up the bare trust – please copy paste and email the following details to us:


Bare Trust information

 Property details:





Title Reference                       

Plan Reference           


Bank Details:

What is the lender company’s name and ACN?

Who is the lender?     

Lender Company Name and ACN                

What is the Lender company’s address?


Loan Information:

Total purchase price, loan amount, term of the loan in years, settlement date


Please email this data to us and the email address is:


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