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Hi, I have been reading up at your website in regard to SMSF and investing in property within SMSF. I got a couple of questions in regard to property investment via SMSF. My understanding of the sequence of actions in relation to the property investment via SMSF is as follows:

1) Set up SMSF through Superwarehouse, I will only set up the individual trustee for the moment as I only plan to borrow 70% of purchase price.

2) Open up a bank account;


2.1 Do I need to tell the bank the purpose of this bank account?

2.2 Is this a special type of bank account?

2.3 Do I need to link this bank account to SMSF?

3) roll over into the bank account opened in the above;

4) Set up the bare trust (custodial trust) structure through superannuationwarehouse;


4.1 Does the bare trust have to be set up before I can engage the brokers to find a suitable lender and get a pre-approval? Or the pre-approval of limited recourse loan doesn’t depend on the set-up of bare trust?

4.2 Does the one-off fee of $950 cover all aspects in relation to the set-up of the bare trust? Which means it includes the stamp duty for the limited recourse loan charged by ATO? Or any other government charges?

5) Get a pre-approval for the limited recourse loan from a lender;

6) Find an investment property (residential);

7) Proceed to seek the formal approval of the loan and settle the purchase and loan. Finally, as the property settlement usually takes at max 6 weeks from the date the contract is signed, I just want things to go smoothly and emails and requests get attended to if I engage Superannuationwarehouse as my SMSF administrator.

Look forward to your replay. Thanks & Regards

Hein Preller

Hein is a Director at Superannuation Warehouse, specializing in setting up new SMSF's. Hein's company performs all the annual administration tasks consisting of preparing financial statements, lodging a tax return and arranging the audit.

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