$1,300.00 (Inc. GST)

Fund Details
Residential Address
Postal Address

Trustee 1 /Beneficiary 1 (Compulsory) Trustee 2 /Beneficiary 2 (Optional) Trustee 3 /Beneficiary 3 (Optional) Trustee 4 /Beneficiary 4 (Optional)
First Name (as per ATO records)
Middle Name
Personal Email Address
Name of a Company
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Tax File Number
Date of Birth
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Specific Field of Work
Is this trustee an undischarged bankrupt?
Has this trustee ever been convicted for dishonest conduct?
Has this trustee ever received a civil penalty order?
Has this trustee ever been a disqualified person by the regulator (ATO or APRA)?
Is the trustee a Resident of Australia?

  • As Trustees of the SMSF, as set out above, we request and authorise Superannuation Warehouse to be the administrator of the Fund, act as tax agent and appoint an auditor.
  • The default Death Benefit Nomination is set up to transferring the death benefit from Trustee 1 to Trustee 2 and vice versa where there is 2 Trustees. For any other death benefits, please note this in the “Notes” section below.
  • $39
  • $79
  • Macquarie Bank Account Set-up
  • Macquarie Online Trading Account