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Hein Preller

Hein is a Director at Superannuation Warehouse, specializing in setting up new SMSF's. Hein's company performs all the annual administration tasks consisting of preparing financial statements, lodging a tax return and arranging the audit.

Property Investment via SMSF

Written by Hein Preller Posted in Property

Hi, I have been reading up at your website in regard to SMSF and investing in property within SMSF. I got a couple of questions in regard to property investment via SMSF. My understanding of the sequence of actions in relation to the property investment via SMSF is as follows: 1) Set up SMSF through […]

Macquarie CMA bank accounts

Written by Hein Preller Posted in General News

We have added Macquarie CMA Bank accounts for our super funds. A fee free option with an interest rate the same as the official RBA rate. See this page for more info:    

The Government co-contribution

Written by Hein Preller Posted in Contributions

We just added in a new page regarding the Government co-contribution . See this page:   A little-know secret of Super – you can add your children in as members to a SMSF and let them get the government co-contribution.  

Excess Contributions Question

Written by Hein Preller Posted in Contributions

With excess contributions, the initial rollover doesn’t classify as a contribution does it? So for instance I put in 55k when I rolled over then my wife put in 31k, would it only be the amounts in excess of that we put in each fin year that count towards the excess contributions? Am I right that we […]